20 January 2013


Yesterday, Evelyn wasn't feeling herself and Kate was fast asleep, leaving only Claire to accompany me on my daily visit to the horses.
Claire pulling the muck bucket for me.  She did an excellent job,  even though her hair was snagged with hay.
Despite her size and being at the tender age of two, she is determined to help where she can.  After we put the horses in their stalls, in a commanding voice, she reminded me several times of their names:
Dancer teasing Claire.  I just know they'll be best friends.
"Dancer!  Stoney!"
We divvied out the hay and grain, picked manure from the stalls and swept.  While waiting for the vet to come and write out their health papers before their next cross-country trip, we brushed our equine friends and shared treats.
Unlike most little kids, Claire is not intimidated by horses.  I've got to keep an extra good eye on her!
It was wonderful to spend one-on-one time with my daughter doing something we both love: chores for our horses.

Thanks for the help, Claire!

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