24 January 2013

On The Road Again

Though I have trailered quite a few items and animals in my life, I opted to hand the responsibility of moving the horses to a professional.  We paid someone to ship Stoney and Dancer from our home in Iowa to Nebraska for our month-long holiday before Jack started work in Indianapolis.  However, we were extremely fortunate to find someone with a bonafide horse trailer that knew just how to handle equines for the  ten hour trip.
I just couldn't bring myself to haul horses with three little kids, one of whom is still nursing.

Oh.  And the two cats who also accompanied us in the truck.  That may have driven Jack mad.
So, if our last night in Lincoln weren't busy enough, we packed up the horses and a good portion of the family came to say farewell.  Before the sun went down, they were on the road again.
I don't know if it was all the training I put into Dancer or if she prefers ramps but she got right on the first time without any pushing, pulling or pleading from me.  What a relief.  All that mental preparation, trying to figure out the best way to get her heavy behind on the trailer ended up being unnecessary fretting.
It was a long trip but they made it safely to Indianapolis where they're staying with a few other horses, a herd of goats, a big lumbering dog, some chickens and very clever cats.  They'll stay there until we can find an acreage of our own.
At their new (but temporary) home!
I hope finding a new place to rehomestead won't take long but for now, everybody's happy.

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