23 March 2013

A Reprieve

Though we supposedly have a snowstorm on the way, we received a reprieve from the chilly, un-springlike weather and took an opportunity to enjoy time outdoors.
Jack trimmed some trees, climbed up onto the roof to survey any needed repairs and (of course) checked on his new bees.
Evelyn and Claire explored their new playground, enjoyed running without restriction and (of course) spent some time tormenting in the most loving way possible our cats.
Kate and I suited up in one of our best investments--a baby hiking backpack.  We tilled some plots for the garden, Kate (of course) eventually fell asleep and napped in the shade and I (of course) longed for my horses to be right outside our window and walked the perimeter of the pasture, planning where to stretch the horse fence.
To say we enjoyed a day of beautiful weather is a mighty understatement.

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