14 March 2013

The First Repair

When we initially took a gander at our home, it was apparent that some appliances would have to be replaced.  The fridge and stove for one since they were carted off with the rest of the furniture.  The well pump and water heater were aged judging by the rust starting around the base.  But, they still worked and that's all we needed at the moment.

The day after we moved in, the water heater died.  It quit while I was quickly hand washing the few dishes we had until we unpacked the others.  It most likely could have been repaired with a new, inexpensive heating element but since I hadn't had a chance to shower in over two days, I was more than happy to slap down our payment for a brand new (and bigger!) water heater.

Jack had the new one in within an hour.  We laughed at the date on the old water heater: 1971.  Seeing as our house was built in 1976, it gave us a few good chuckles theorizing how a water heater predating a house managed to happen.

Whatever the reason, I'm enjoying nice hot showers and thinking every day how lucky I am that Jack is so handy.

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