16 April 2013

Do You Want One?

Do you want a baby, Dancer?
Dancer always been interested in children and babies.  Perhaps it's because they give up handfuls of grass so easily.  Perhaps it's because they're so small and often ride in beguiling hiking backpacks and jogging strollers.  Whatever the reason, she's curious about them.
One of my goals is to breed Dancer.  I don't take the task of creating a new life lightly.  I couldn't bring myself to find an old stud down the road and turn around to sell the foal if I didn't like the results.  It will take a bit of research--a horse's conformation and temperament is even more important than its color.
Of course, I'm not even sure it would happen this year.  Well, technically next year since horses have an eleven month gestation and any resulting foal would be born next spring.  I'm excited at the prospect of breeding my own equine athlete (my mother insists it would be an investment towards my future career riding in the Rolex once my children are grown.  I tend to agree.  We'll see what Jack says).
For now, the thought is simmering in the back of my mind.  Whatever we decide, Dancer's giving us plenty of entertainment otherwise.

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