30 April 2013


Happiness to a horse is green grass.
One of the first projects we started working on upon moving to our new acreage was the fencing for the horses.  After all, the whole point of us having an acreage is so we could enjoy our farm animals in our very own backyard.  Fence building is tedious yet strenuous work, as demonstrated by Evelyn.

After drilling holes, getting the bobcat unstuck, dragging hundreds of posts to said holes, setting posts, driving over tons (literally tons) of gravel by wheelbarrow to fill post holes, measuring and putting in barbed staples, bracing corners and mounting gates, then comes the fun and easy part--pulling the fencing through.
Well, it's fun until the fence goes around the first corner.  Then it gets difficult.
Then it's difficult and boring. 
Oops.  I think she worked too hard.
But, I'm happy to report, the horses' fence is finished!  One major goal off the list!

(The horses asked me to thank you Evelyn).

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