21 April 2013

Like A Farm

A family wedding brought us back to Nebraska for an extended weekend.  Usually, I devoted at least some of the time to giving Clay a bath and trimming his nails or cleaning out the cat box for grumpy old Ripley but both greyhound and cat have gone all the way of the earth.
I miss them but there was still plenty of animals to look after.
One of the older hens, Checkers, who will be making a move to Indiana.
My mom has been after an elusive breed of hen since she first got her flock: the black australorp.  They lay unusually large brown eggs which are often double-yolked.  Of course, she couldn't just get a few for her.  She phoned and asked (repeatedly) if I wanted some chicks.
She's already named Jellybean Junior, a.k.a. J.J.
How could I say no?
(ESPECIALLY to a face like that?)
Jack doesn't care much for hens but he never complains when I whip up an omelet for him.  So, about eight of the girls--a few chicks and a few older, already-laying hens will come back to Indiana.  Lucky for us too, we've already got a little shed that would be a perfect coop with a little paint and a fenced in yard.
Our acreage is feeling more and more like a farm by the day.

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