12 April 2013

The Price We Pay

Jack managed to slice his hand with a utility knife while putting up the horses' fence.  Four stitches even.
We are repeatedly told how lucky we are for being able to live on acreages and to have the skills and motivation to fix up homes.  It's true--we're incredibly blessed and we're well aware of it.  However, as with any lifestyle, there is a price.
We have been bit, scratched, hissed and barked at, spurred, rammed, butted, kicked, peed on, pecked and snapped at more times than we care to count by everything from spiders, horses, cats, snakes, dogs, and sheep to sap beetles, goats, roosters, hens, ducks, toads, mosquitoes, etc.
Somebody's always sporting scars, stitches, tetanus shots, scabs, dirty nails, bruises, bug bites, punctures, burns and slivers.
It costs a lot to fix up a rundown acreage too and we always have to make choices between two good things.  I have literally thought to myself, "Would I rather trade in this five year old purse my sister pulled out of her girls' play clothes for a new purse or buy a couple gallons of paint?"  So far, the paint wins every single time.  Instead of smart phones, we've bought lumber.  Instead of relaxing family vacations to Disney World, we've bought drywall.
Happy baby faces make my day.
I have never been so hot, so cold, so tired, scared, lonely, frustrated, weary, angry, filthy or exhausted in my life as I have while living on our acreages.
Sway-backed Stoney watching over Dancer while she snoozes in the sun.
All of the pain, anguish, suffering and struggles are the price we pay for this life.

But the reward is more than worth it.
Not many people's alarm clocks are a crowing rooster or spend peaceful evenings watching the unimpeded sun set while bats flit over head.  Not many people enjoy their scrambled eggs that were laid fresh that very morning.  Not many people eat wild honey or watch their horses nap while they wash dishes.  Not many children have room to run, perfect picnic spots, pony rides on daddy right next to their own horses or wildflowers to pick.  Not many people get to transform a house into their very own home.  Not many people are as happy, content, satisfied or fulfilled as we feel.
We know we're blessed and are ever thankful for it.

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