23 April 2013

Travel Companions

Jack and the girls make awesome travel companions.  They slept at least six hours of our ten hour trip back to Indy.  See?
Later in the day, sleeping again!
The three hens we brought back from my parents', however, are terrible travel companions.  It wasn't that they escaped their boxes and wreaked havoc.  It was the noises they kept making.  Not, "Cluck, cluck, or the telltale egg-laying, "baw-gawk!"  Their vocalizations sounded like everything from a whimpering child, a choking baby or the van breaking down.  More than once, my heart skipped a beat, thinking there was a cop chasing me down.  Nope.  It was Rosie, Glinda or Checkers every time.
Surely they were chuckling all the way home.  We did get an egg en route though.  I guess that makes their practical jokes worth it.

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