14 April 2013

What Grazers Do Best

Like Iowa, Indiana has no trouble growing grass.  That is fortunate for people who love to mow and animals that love to graze.  That would include both me and my horses but in the course of the move, our poor old riding mower took quite a beating and is near death.  It would be pretty difficult to mow without a steering wheel, I'm guessing.
So, I decided to let grazers do what they do best: graze.  We have a little chain-link fence backyard that needed a bit of trimming.
Thankfully they avoided stepping on our new garden while they rose to the challenge of trimming down the grass.
The entertainment while I wash dinner dishes.
It'll take a few days or so of solid grazing to tame the yard but the horses don't mind doing the work.  They're just happy there's green grass, regardless of how or where they get to enjoy it.
And there'll be plenty more for me to mow later.

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