03 June 2013

Give Me Thistles!

When we moved into our humble abode in Iowa, we had three acres of waist-high bull thistles to take care of.  It took weeks of mowing, hand chopping and plenty of band-aids but eventually, we subdued the weeds.

Here, we discovered we have lots of POISON IVY.
Half the foliage of this tree is actually a well-established poison ivy vine.
It's creeping up trees, sprouting around the swing set and there's a rather large patch next to where I dumped some garden mulch.  Jack's already had a brush with it and I'm on my toes, hoping the rest of us avoid it until it dries up enough for me to combat it with pruning shears, shovels and chemicals while the girls nap.
Our sea of poison ivy...
Give me thistles instead!

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