16 June 2013

Real Men

Jack is a real man.
He flies planes!  Okay, our neighbor's plane...
He's not ashamed to read princess books to his daughters or sing them songs before bedtime.
Or sew.
Or to swing with them.
He still picks and plants flowers for us.
Our wildflower patch, sown by Jack's hand.
And encourages us to develop our talents.
(Including babysitting so I can go riding).
He even takes an interest in our talents and hobbies.
"Training" Dancer for me.  He even remembered a helmet!
When we have a disagreement, he is quick to apologize and usually goes and builds something useful.  Like the clothesline I've been wanting to put up.
He values education.  Knowing my first career choice was homemaker, he willingly postponed his education in Iowa so I could finish mine in Nebraska.  Women and children are important to him.
He is a great ponderer.  Especially while grilling.
Before becoming a father, he first became a husband.  He loves our children but one day when they fledge and begin families of their own, we'll still stick together.
Goofy is his middle name.
And as much as he serves and loves us, he does the same for others.
That's him throwing hay on the trailer for us and our neighbors while I sat, hugely pregnant in the truck.
I picked the right guy.  Jack is a real man.
Happy Father's Day to all the real men.

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