05 July 2013

Another Success: Happy Independence Day

This Independence Day, we celebrated in our usual style.  We went back to our homeland of Nebraska and spent the day immersed in friends and family.
After a few mild fireworks with the girls, we prepared for the festival at Jack's parents' house.
Kaylee got a parachute!
The fourth of July tradition started with the Elikers and another family and has bloomed to dozens of others who come for the particularly good fireworks spectacular.
Great grandma Eliker with her newest grandbaby.
 After the potluck dinner and shooting the parachutes off for the swarms of children, we waited for the sun to sink down so we could start the show.
 As you can see, everyone brings their fair share of artillery shells, including Jack.
 Let the show begin!  Some of the cousins snuggled in their blankets for the best view.
And, the best part is always the finale.
I enjoy the cheering, my brother-in-law shouting, "Happy Independence Day!" and my mother-in-law's "Look out!" at a stray firework.  Ah, a true fourth of July celebration.

The fourth was another success.  Hope you all had a Happy Independence Day!

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