29 July 2013

Call Me Captain Destructo

Call me
Captain Destructo.
(My super power?  Demolition).
I knew there would be more than enough work to do when moving into our foreclosed home but it seems like lately, the majority of my efforts have been demolition.
(At least that's what I feel like).
I've ripped out roomfuls of smelly carpet.
40 year old carpet with the smell of dog urine and cigarettes.  Yuck.
The girls quickly discovered that the paint wasn't sticking to the faux wood paneling and together, we had a fun afternoon ripping it off.
I detested the wall paper plastered throughout the house so I tore it down piece by piece.
In some cases, I just pulled down the entire panel.
I got them all down without killing myself.  I WIN!
Though some people still walk into the house in stunned disbelief that we're living in a construction zone, it's slowly being put back together.
A sample of the wall texturing job.
Being able to see a home's potential is a learning process.
It's fixable!
Sometime's you've got to make a mess and rip things apart to get to the bare bones.  Then it's just a matter of rebuilding.
Evelyn caught me on camera.  I usually start home improvements shortly after breakfast.
We may be good at pulling a house down, but we're getting pretty good at patching it up too.

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