28 July 2013

The Sprinklers

A few days ago, when it was so hot and sunny, we did the one thing that made any sense:
Ran through the sprinklers.
Katherine looked on with great interest . . .
. . . so her sisters didn't want her to be left out.
Kate's jaunt through the sprinklers lasted about two seconds.
With Kate safely back in my lap . . .
. . . Evelyn ran off to find something else to play with in the chilly water.
They said hello to Dancer . . . 
Stoney didn't care to stop by.  He enjoys his baths.
. . . who was curious why they would willingly get wet.
By the time the girls finished, they were chilly in 90F+ weather.
Face full of water.
But it was so fun.
Hope you're staying cool too!

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