01 August 2013

In The Treetops

The first time we introduced our cats to the great outdoors after being weaned, spayed/neutered and vaccinated, they were unsure of the new world they'd entered.  The second time, they were fearless.  Discovering the fun of climbing trees, they quickly found that if they went up, they'd have to figure out a way back down.  Hercules, RJ and Snickers each spent long days, stuck up in the treetops.
For some reason, it took Snickers the longest to figure out how to shimmy down.  Maybe it was because I kept rescuing her with the ladder.  Maybe she was tired of going hungry while clinging to the branches.
Her weakness has since become her strength.  One of her favorite pastimes is sinking her claws into the bark and racing as high as she can into a tree.  It comes in handy too--she avoids rough "play fights" with her brother, makes the girls burst with laughter at her antics and has avoided everything from dogs to foxes who'd love to get their jaws on her.
I'm glad she's put her tree climbing skills to good use.  I'm also pleased she's mastered getting down.

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