28 August 2013

Indiana State Fair

A new friend of ours gave us tickets to the Indiana State Fair, so we made a family evening of it.  While walking around, it was if the heavens parted and a brilliant beam of light shone down on an old shack.
Jack immediately made a beeline for the building selling pure maple syrup.  In another stroke of luck, it was during the free taste hours.
Can you see how happy Jack is?
Jack slurped up his syrup, talked with the workers and bought a few maple taps.  I think he can hardly wait until February to use them on our maple trees.
We learned other valuable lessons at the fair as well.  Like that the girls are probably a few years away from wanting to go on some of the thrill rides.
Although if Claire had a chance, she'd probably go.  Those are her little hands trying to pull herself up to look over the side of the Ferris wheel.
The girls learned that oxen can get pretty big.
Claire was reminded that corn dogs are amazing (even if they're $1 an inch).
Kate found out that she too has a tongue.
And Evelyn discovered that no matter how hard she tried, it is impossible to milk a wooden cow.

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