06 August 2013

Loose Lips

The other day we put up a temporary fence to expand the horses' pasture.  Then Dancer got in trouble.  Understandably, she didn't want to leave her green grass for fear she'd never see it again but when Rachael calls, horses come.
(Uh, we're still working on that).

Thanks to Jack and his excellent use of reverse psychology, Dancer eventually decided it was a better idea to do what we asked than to prance around all night.  She was a bit nervous at first that she was in trouble (which she was but you can never tell that to a horse after they've done it right or it'll bite you when they're naughty again--they'll remember doing what was right and still getting chastised), but after a good face rub she gave her telltale relaxed face:
Loose lips.

So, if you're wondering what a horse is saying (and you don't have any psychic abilities allowing you to read their minds--I know I haven't tapped that power yet) look for the body signals.  Ears not laid flat?  That's good.  Not baring teeth?  Excellent.  Not pawing nervously?  Again, good.  Loose lips?  Perfect.
So much easier to be obedient, isn't it Dancer?

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