13 August 2013

Presto Chango!

Less than a week ago, we discovered one of our chubby caterpillars had become a chrysalis.  PRESTO CHANGO!  He became beautiful black swallowtail butterfly within a matter of days.
The little guy was discovered while trying our hand at wild plum jelly making and though he'd been out of his shell for less than two hours (we checked him at breakfast), he wasn't about to wait around.
He crawled up out of the jar and across the girls' skin, tickling them with every step.  Then he tried his luck with flying.
Stepping willingly over to Evelyn.  Probably because of the gigantic flower on her shirt.
He crashed into the counters.
Thrilled to find we had a butterfly!
We took him outside for a breath of fresh air and POOF!  He disappeared!
He fluttered away so quickly it might as well have been a magic trick (he was much more successful flying outside than in the confines of a home).
Not sure why she didn't hook onto a branch.  But, there's the sleeping baby.
But we'll get to relive the magic in a few days.  His sister just turned into a chrysalis this morning.

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