07 August 2013

We Wait

It seems like lately we've had our fair share of bug stories (it must be the entomology jobs during and after college that make insects fascinating).  Honey bees making their home in ours.  Slugs devouring the garden.  Zebra caterpillars devouring the garden.  Jumping spiders helping out in the garden.  Lucky dragonflies.  And most recently, grumpy ground bees.
Now it's swallowtail butterfly caterpillars.

I don't know why it's cute to see a baby butterfly nosh on my dill but it's annoying when an infantile moth chews on plants.  I'm biased and I admit it.
We found a few caterpillars and have been sacrificing part of our garden for them like they were our own pets.  They ate. And ate.
And turned into their chrysalises.
And now we wait.

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