03 September 2013

Dork Alert

I've noticed there aren't nearly as many stable flies in Indiana as in Iowa but that doesn't mean the horses aren't annoyed by pesky winged beasts.  For one, the deer flies are big enough that I'm afraid they could carry me away and suck me dry and the horses buck, roll and run away from them and their nasty bite.  There are mosquitoes and ticks and biting midges that practically drain gallons of blood from the inside of their ears.  Then there are the house flies.  No, they don't bite, but I can't imagine how awful it would be to have hundreds of them incessantly trying to suck my eye juices because they don't have another source of moisture.
Enter the fly mask, with ears.
The fly mask glamour shot.
Yes, it totally demeans the horses' coolness and it's a total dork alert but I'll do whatever it takes to keep them semi-comfortable.
It's a thankless job.

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