28 September 2013

Hippity Hop

Claire found an old peanut butter jar for our guest of honor.
Of all the creatures we've seen at our house, from deer to foxes to chipmunks and a variety of helpful and harmful insects, a lack of a few creatures has astounded me.  I thought for sure Indiana would be chalked full of snakes.  We haven't seen a single serpent yet (Evie's eager to find some more "good" snakes).  As for toads, we've only found two when we're used to seeing dozens every summer.
We're not afraid of warts.
Imagine our surprise finally finding the fat little amphibians hopping through our yard.  With the number of crickets we have, the warmer weather and the ample moisture, I'd have thought toads were an Indiana give-in too.  They've turned out to be a rarity (the tree frogs are another matter entirely--in Iowa, those were the rarity).
We'll enjoy the ones we find.  They don't care much for being shadowed but after a few minutes of playing together, we let them hippity hop along their way.
See you later, Mr. Toad!

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