08 September 2013

The Door To Nowhere

There are a few things in our home that leave us wondering, "What were they thinking?"  Sometimes it's the "unique" choice of texture, coloring and decor, sometimes the construction, sometimes the demolition.
The original wall paper hidden behind the door to nowhere's frame.  I for one am glad I missed the 70's.  I don't think I could have handled all the mustard and rusty orange.  The 70's and I wouldn't have jived.
In this case, we are baffled as to why two decks have been removed from the house, leaving a few doors to nowhere.
It wasn't too difficult to do the project--it's just a matter of removing the doors and frame.  Then we built a new frame for the plywood and eventual drywall all while the girls watched on during their meal, like our working was an entertaining dinner theater.
Then we slapped on some plywood and filled the gaps with caulking, expanding foam and insulation.
Now it's a door no more.  Another project tackled.
Time for drywall!  Then, PAINT!

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