13 September 2013

True Love

True love means different things to different people.  Diamonds, long, romantic trips, chocolate (like the 5 pound chocolate bar Jack bought me once?  I don't know if he was showing his love for me or buttering me up!).  Jack has his own special way of showering me with true love.

Remember that Snickers, now that she's mastered coming down, enjoys a good treetop climb?  Well, a few days ago I couldn't find her for her evening meal.  Out front, I heard a timid little Meow! and spotted her waaaaay up high.  My guess is that she was either chasing something up there or worse, was being chased, probably by that rascally neighborhood fox.
I attempted to coax her down but she psyched herself out every time she tried.  So, I left her in the tree to figure it out on her own.  Usually a grumbling stomach is enough to encourage a climb down but after 24 hours in the tree, it was apparent she at least thought she was stuck.
I married a monkey.
Half-joking, I asked Jack if he would get her down.  He rolled his eyes and didn't say a word.  While I was cleaning the kitchen after dinner, he and the girls went outside, coming inside a few minutes later.  "Got your cat down."
Ah, true love!  Getting a silly cat out of a tree for your wife and children even if you think it's ridiculous.

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