15 November 2013

No Effort Wasted

Jack is really big on waste not, want not.  He drags food scraps out to compost, uses grass clippings as mulch and practically follows the horses around with a wheelbarrow and fork.  And even then, he's creative with how he uses it.  It too goes to the compost pile but it's also been used to fill ruts in our property from previous owners and this spring's fencing project.  Turns out, the pungent ruts also have been taking care of a few problem neighborhood dogs who've been repeatedly wandering to our house.  They bark and growl at us and then go eat some poo, roll in it and run home.  I suppose that's a fair consequence for irresponsible ownership.  I chuckle wondering if they give their owners big, slobbery kisses when they get home.

No effort wasted.

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