14 November 2013

Oil Paint Remover Tip

Paint on the hands: telltale sign your house is under construction.
It seems like all I've got to report lately are tips but oh, well.  At least they're handy.  Work on the house is slow and steady and we've been fairly low key after a short battle with a stomach bug that Jack claims he graced us with.  Anyway, I'm starting to get around to piles of trim I pulled down before working on the stairwell.  I've learned my lesson and, as much as I detest it, always use oil based primer on the wood (the nicotine just seeps out otherwise).  Inevitably, I forget to grab my gloves and get some on my hands.  Instead of taking a bath in paint thinner, use vegetable oil to remove the splatters.  Lather hands with a tablespoon or so, scrub (a brush helps!) and wash with warm soap and water.  Repeat as necessary.
Leave the house confident no one in public will know what state of disarray your home is in!

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