08 November 2013

Paint Brush Care

I have a few favorite paint brushes that I like to keep handy.  They aren't particularly expensive but if I bought a new one every time I used a new color, it'd add up quickly.  Sometimes though, I tie off a tray of paint in a trash bag and don't get to it for a few days weeks and by then, the paint has started to dry and get stuck in the bristles.  Solution?  White vinegar.
Just a note: This trick won't work on brushes that are solid as a rock so if you catch them before then, they can be saved!
Boil some vinegar and let the brush soak (I've even seen some people put in in their crock pot to simmer overnight but I've only got one slow cooker so I save that for food...).  Remove the brush and wash with hot soap and water.  If that doesn't do it, repeat the hot vinegar soak and wash again.  When done cleaning, shake out the excess water and reshape the brush so it will paint in sharp lines.
Good as new!
(Save for the few errant bristles which are easy enough to trim...otherwise, ready to paint!)

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