17 November 2013

Root Beer Flavored Honey

The bees have been sluggish lately, if active at all.  They seem to have resigned themselves to autumn and don't come out often except late on warm afternoons.  The girls are living off the honey supply they collected this spring since the flowers are all gone but yesterday, they were buzzing about, taking one last chance to look for some sweet nectar.
The bees' second helping.
Along with bees, root beer is one of Jack's passions.  He loves making his own and ended up bringing home a gallon after a youth activity at church.  He drank his fill and then decided to share with the bees to see if they'd be interested.
Of course they were.  It's sugar water.
Drink up girls!  Next year we might find some root beer flavored honey.  I imagine that might overjoy Jack.

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