29 November 2013

Totally Justified

With the year coming to a close, a majority of my 2013 remain unfinished.  Don't get me wrong--it wasn't that I didn't try or that I'm disappointed, but it's more of a lifelong list.  However, I did get to cross one more off yesterday:
A 5K Turkey Trot.

It was surprising how many people show up but it seems to be a family tradition with some people.  I ran the course in less than half an hour and it was pretty fun to watch bottles of ketchup and mustard, turkeys and fairies run by and a group of little kids that whooped me horribly.
To top it off, the course was at the cemetery where my grandfather was buried.  While cooling down, Jack and I walked up to his grave site and thought of him.
Hi Grandpa!
It was also the anniversary of Jack's proposal of marriage seven years ago.  Obviously, I said yes.
Running with the pack.
Happy Thanksgiving!
(I feel totally justified eating a turkey dinner after a race!)

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