01 December 2013

DIY Tushie Cushie

With all the upcoming travel for the holidays, I thought it'd be a good idea to make a little "tushie cushie" for the poor girls sitting on the hard plastic booster seats.  It worked!  They complained out of boredom, hunger and how long it was taking to get to grandma's house but not one complaint about sore bottoms this trip.  Plus, they're quick and are a cinch to make!
You'll Need:

Foam--about 12x12 depending on booster seat side
16 inch square of fabric--I used fleece but any slightly stretchy material will work
Tape measure, pins, thread, scissors, etc

1.  Measure the seat size
2.  Cut the foam to fit the seat
3.  With right sides together, fold fabric in half over the foam and pin.  Remove foam and sew sides closed.  Trim off excess fabric.
4.  Put foam back in and fold corners down and pin.  Remove foam and sew across to hold down.
5.  Turn fabric right side out and hem top closure.
6.  Replace foam.  Tuck the corners in, overlap the open fabric (the hem underneath does not need to be finished since it will be hidden) and pin.
7.  Remove foam and sew along sides.
See?  It'll just overlap but you can get the foam in and out without velcro, snaps or a zipper.
And you'll have a happy camper.  As long as they aren't bored, hungry or in the car too long.
Maybe I should make one for myself...

Sit comfy!

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