15 December 2013

Late for the Sabbath

Saturdays nights, I'm often reminded of the scene where the Golde from Fiddler on the Roof is scurrying to get the family ready for the Sabbath and keeps yelling things like, "There's work to be done before the Sabbath" and to Tevye, "You'll be late for the Sabbath!"  Since the Sabbath is our day of rest, we keep it holy by not working and avoid doing home improvements.  That means more often than not we're scrambling to get the last of the projects done before Sunday.
Last night's project was the much needed ceiling fan in Kate's room.  The girls and I assembled blades and Jack got it installed in record time.  After living without overhead lighting in her room for nearly a year (thus making diaper changes a challenge each and every time), I'm so happy there's now light.

(And air circulation).

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