05 December 2013

The Naughty List

It's been a few years since we've seriously decorated for Christmas.  If it wasn't construction or a curious, mobile baby impeding us, it was a move, like to Texas or Indiana.  Bound and determined to make our house reflect the festive mood we're in (even if it's only about 40% "finished"), I once again put aside my fear of heights, about broke my back putting up that impossibly heavy extendable ladder and climbed up.  If it's not shrieking in fear to get my kids off, it's the cats.
Since Hercules thought it was a good idea, Snickers did too.  I clung to the rungs for dear life as they hopped up and wobbled the entire ladder.  Hercules eventually jumped to the porch and Snickers abandoned her effort.
Hercules played with the garland and trotted along the rail, rubbing in his complete lack of fear of heights.  And in kittinish playfulness, he got a wild look in his eye and thought about jumping back onto the ladder while I half giggled, half screamed at him not to.  Thank goodness he didn't.  I kept imagining our ladder going over backwards.
I may submit Hercules for the naughty list.  Bad kitty.

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