14 January 2014

Let's Go Out

It's been a long time since the girls have gone outside.  I go out every morning before dawn to feed the horses which hasn't always lead to the fondest feelings about nature (I don't like getting out of a warm bed to head out to the cold and dark but I DO like seeing the horses first thing).  So, once the weather warmed up enough, I said to the girls, "Let's go out."  To my surprise, I was met with shouts of anger and protest.  That's not a normal answer.
Evelyn was afraid it was going to rain and she'd get wet.  I reminded her she has rain boots and an umbrella.  Claire said it was too chilly.  I reminded her there are swings outdoors.  Kate?  She didn't need any urging--she was so excited to wear a "new" hand-me-down pair of shoes and shrieked with joy once I opened the door and the cats ran up to meet us.
They swung while I moved some branches and once I was ready to go in, I was met with the same shouts of anger and protest.
That's more like it.

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