05 January 2014

Snug and Warm

Ssssttttoooonnneeeyyyy!  Come get your blanket on!
Usually, I am opposed to blanketing horses.  It discourages them from growing a warm winter coat of their own, can contribute to winter illnesses, not to mention horses have an uncanny knack for getting tangled up.
But I'm sure grateful for them when I DO want to keep them snug and warm.
The weather here will be goofy the next few days.  Though we're getting a heavy dose of warm snow, it's melting right on their backs and chilling them to the bone.  I struck out in the afternoon to give them an extra ration of hay and grain and though Stoney and Dancer have both grown luxurious, shaggy winter coats of their own, their blankets are like wearing a sweater ON TOP of a sweater that's also WATERPROOF.
I'll be anxious to make sure they're comfortable, especially in the bitter cold that's headed our way.  The blankets in this case are a blessing.
And if nothing else, they can live in the great room until it warms up.


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