24 January 2014

Stack My Stuff

One of this week's projects has been shelf construction.  Though we've got plenty of space, there aren't a lot of places to put trinkets or unload books.  I was in serious need of a place to stack my stuff.
Braces  up--time for the shelves!
We looked at the store but the shelves were pretty pricey for the quality so we decided to buy a sheet of lumber and cut our own.
One more coat of paint and they'll be ready! (Oh, Kate, you persistent monkey).
A few coats of paint (and a few more yet to come) and some measuring, drilling, screwing and leveling later, the shelves are taking shape.
The peek-a-boo closet ready for the games.
Just in time too.  The games have been stacked in the corner of our bedroom and I can't tell you how awful a mess three curious girls can make with dozens of board, card and domino games.  Let's just say it looks like an explosion.  Once the shelves are finished, order will return.

I hope.

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