17 February 2014

Edible Necklaces

The girls got a couple of candy necklaces in their Valentine's packages and of course, gobbled them down first and asked for another.  Here's what we improvised a few days later (they had other treats to enjoy too!):

You'll Need:
Twizzler Pull n Peel (affiliate link)
Donut shaped candies, cereals, etc--think Fruit Loops, mini bagels or Life Savers Candies for older kids (affiliate link)

1) Pull off two strands of the Twizzlers together, then pull apart to about a half inch from the bottom.
2)  Knot the end of the Twizzler strands (by the way, if you'd like to make a longer necklace, string the candy/cereal/etc on before tying on another Twizzler strand).
3)  String on candy and/or cereal (try pinching and rolling the end into a point if you're having trouble fitting the Twizzlers through).
4)  Knot behind neck.
5)  Wear and eat!

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