22 February 2014

Polar Bear Run 2014

 This morning I woke Jack and the girls up and drug them to downtown Indy so they could cheer for me in The Polar Bear Run.  Of the cold weather races I've participated this winter (a Turkey Trot and New Year's Eve race), this one was by far the most mild.
 It was a great course--very scenic through Indianapolis and since I got a pretty good starting spot, was pushed by the faster pack of runners and finished with a personal record of 26:26.  It was fast enough that Jack and the girls didn't make it to the finish line to snap a photo of me kicking it in.  If I may say so, I have an excellent sprint at the end.  When will Jack ever learn?  He always thinks I'll take longer than I do.
That's going to be hard for me to top...
The race was the start to a great day--one more goal crossed off the 2014 list, then we went to the home improvement store and got more tile, met some beautiful adoptable dogs (hint, hint), fixed the horse fence and grilled out for dinner.
Tired but happy I PRed!  Hooray!
What an excellent day.

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