26 February 2014

Tumbling and Dance

Claire learning to cartwheel.
I finally decided to sign the girls up for a session of tumbling and dance at a nearby studio.  I think part of it's the weather--we haven't gone out much the last few months so a change in scenery is always nice.  Part of it too is because Jack always encourages them to dance, then turns to me and asks when I'm going to sign them up.
Evelyn following closely behind.
The first half hour is a tumbling class where they stretch and learn to "properly" do somersaults and cartwheels and bridges.  The girls are all smiles the whole time.
The second half hour is more stretching.  Then they practice their positions and skip across the room, pretending they know how to chassé or passé.  But of all the things I love most about tumbling and dance is this:
They walk around holding hands and acting like they've never fought a moment in their lives.  That's a more valuable lesson than any dance move they might master.

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