11 March 2014

Hide and Seek

Who'd you find Kate?
With the change in daylight and the gorgeous weather yesterday, we decided to play hide and seek outside for family night.
Hiding under an empty horse trough.
Jack gets really into it--he conceals the girls under and behind and on top of things.  They'd be hard to find if it weren't for them giggling and whispering their location.
In plain sight on the jungle gym.  Even Dancer came over to see what we were up to.
I find it's just as effective to hide in plain sight as long as I'm quiet.  It's really hilarious watching the girls run right past, totally oblivious that I'm so close by.  Eventually, I give them some clues and they excitedly scream they've found me.
We played almost until bedtime (that time change really has been throwing me off!).  We found Jack one more time . . .
 . . . and went to say hello to the horses, followed by cookies and a glass of milk.
Let us know if anyone wants to come over and challenge us to a game of hide and seek!

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