07 March 2014

It Won't Last Forever

By now, everyone seems to be irritated by the seemingly never-ending cold weather.  I remind Evie it technically is still winter when she whines but reassure her I'm eager for it to be over with as well.
Observing the robins.
Yesterday was still lower than what the average temperature claims it should be but compared to what it's been, it's practically a heat wave.  Kate and I watched a great flock of robins turn over leaves and peck around for food.
By the afternoon, it was downright balmy.  We took a wilting set of Valentine's day tulips and planted them outside (they weren't doing well inside so if they don't do well outside, no big deal).
I found a few nubs of chalk and the girls colored a fantastic scene of houses, suns, rainbows and horses.  They ran up and down the driveway, enjoying the sun and warmth, helped me tidy up the garage and trim down some forgotten plants.
Describing her colorful artwork.
If there's anything I've learned this winter, it's that it won't last forever and that I will more than ever appreciate the spring, summer and autumn.  All of us.
Hercules enjoying the time outdoors with us.

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