16 March 2014

Old Man Down!

Old man down!
I spied Stoney laying down yesterday.  Sometimes that's cause for alarm in horses--they could be suffering from colic or have their guts twisted or injured a limb but with Stoney, it just usually means he's snoozing.  After all, yesterday was rough.
It was beautiful and springlike so we pulled Stoney out from the paddock and gave him a good rub with the curry comb and brush.  He'll never admit it but he loves being pampered especially if he gets to nibble at grass while it's happening.
First ride of the year.
Then the really hard part: tote six very excited, very small girls around the slightly muddy paddock.  What a trooper.
Kaylee can hardly contain her excitement!
The girls and their cousins got some memorable photos on his back (all six of them don't even equal MY weight when I climb in the saddle) so Stoney, like usual, patiently allowed it.
Though it's not the cross county courses he used to gallop with me in his youth, I think he still earned his nap.
The whole Luke family going for a ride!

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