28 April 2014

Arbor Day

As a born and raised Nebraskan, I'm well acquainted with arbor day (I even know the founder of the holiday J. Sterling Morton--did it because he despised how few trees Nebraska had.  Oh, well.  Any reason for planting trees is good right?).
We literally have hundreds on our property, a lot more than any other place we've lived.  Fortunately, they're all good for something--fruit, shade, campfire fuel, heat, horse jumps, smoking foods, boiling down maple sap, campfire seating, blocking out the neighbors, hanging insect pods...
...and climbing!  We celebrated arbor day by climbing and hugging trees (and hanging our praying mantis egg pods).
Climbing trees a few weeks ago with cousins.
Did you do anything special?
Grandma was even here to hug a tree.
Happy (belated) Arbor Day!  

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