18 April 2014

Red or Blue?

I loved our little farmhouse in Iowa (at least by the time we were getting close to done) but if I'd have had more time and money, I'd have switched out the plain white siding for something with bold color.  Now that we've got a new fixer upper in Indiana, I'm admittedly excited about using something more than just white or neutrals.  But now,  I need some input!
I've narrowed down my selections to either a warm red or a cool blue.  I like the contrast with limestone (the trim ties it all together nicely) but I can't make up my mind!
If you have any suggestions or helpful input (don't bother telling me I should leave it green--trust me, it doesn't look good), speak up!  If you were driving past our house, would you think a dark blue or a burgundy red would be more striking and appealing?

(The colors look a lot more dull and mild in the computer screen samples).

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