01 April 2014

Their Job

We were outside putting in the first of the potatoes when I decided I should get a few things out of the once-chicken-coop-now-gardening-shed (-which-I-hope-will-be-a-chicken-coop-again-someday).  Immediately, I thought once the door was open, "Man, that's a lot of mouse poop."  I pulled down the fencing I needed and was startled (I don't know why, especially after my initial observation), that a few mice lept out and ran for the safety of the shed.
It didn't take long for Herc and Snickers to come running.  It's morbidly fascinating watching cats hunt mice.  The mice were quick, but the cats were infinitely quicker, especially with the aid of their curved claws.  They were in the mood for a hunt so thankfully, the mice were, uh, taken care of quickly.  I always feel a bit bad even knowing the little vermin are infamous for passing along diseases.  The cats, however, don't feel remorse.  They were just doing their job.

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