11 May 2014

Are We Not All Mothers?

When I ponder motherhood, I am reminded of a great many women in my life.  My own mother who recently spent hours hand stitching the remainder of my bridesmaid dress.  My mother in law who willingly lends a listening ear.  Sisters who compliment my choice of lipstick or tell me they miss me or help me tend sick children when they should be on vacation.  Grandmothers who spoil my children rotten and great grandmothers who appreciate how difficult it can be but ultimately how rewarding it is to raise a young family.  Mothers of friends who put an arm around my shoulder and say how nice it is to see me.  Aunts who send happy messages letting us know we're in their thoughts.  Elderly women who live nearby and fill in for grandmothers and great grandmothers who are so far away.  Friends who speak encouraging words, who build me up and find joy in our acquaintance.  Motherhood is not reserved only for those who give birth--it is the call to nurture.

Happy Mother's Day!

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