22 May 2014

Dinner and a Show

Collecting hail from the deck.
Jack came home soaking wet yesterday, informing us that a storm, hail included, was on the way.  Right on schedule, we had dinner and a show.

My first thoughts are always of the horses.  I don't have a shed for them to retreat to yet.  Really though, it's doubtful they'd use it much.  When it rains, horses almost always stand still and bear it.  Poor things got pelted with some of the plummeting hail but other than flinching, they didn't care.
Evidence they didn't give a hoot?  The second the storm let up, they were back to grazing.
While the storm raged, we stood on the deck to watch the hail roll off the roof.  The lightening was spectacular and the thunder booming.  Thankfully the girls aren't afraid of a good thunderstorm and instead, run around gleefully energized by it.
Jack collecting hail nuggets for the girls after the worst had passed.
It was the first real thunderstorm of spring and were grateful to observe the wonder of nature from the comfort of our deck, the water for our garden and probably most importantly, no real harm done.
Wouldn't want to get clunked on the head by that!

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