02 May 2014

Jack at 29

Jack rescuing the cheese as best he could after I inadvertently read the celsius side and not the farenheit.
Jack celebrated his 29th birthday a few days ago and as you can imagine, he rubbed in the fact that he is still in his twenties while I'm "over thirty."  He's really just a mischievous twelve year old boy trapped in a man's body.
Helping make dad's birthday cake.  It was too loud!
The girls and I made him his special birthday dinner--he requested homemade pizza and tres leches cake.  Other than my attempt to make some homemade mozzarella that ended up more like ricotta, I think it turned out pretty delicious (after we ran to the nearby grocery store to get some actual cheese).
Wrapping up his present (apparently we were all out of birthday paper...)
And what do boys trapped in men's bodies want for their birthday?  Tools.  Because they're loud and powerful and you can do stuff with them.  This year, Jack got his very own air compressor.
We had a wonderful time celebrating with him and hope for many more together!
(Even if he will never let slide that I, in his words, robbed the cradle.  I guess that just makes him more fun).

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