22 June 2014

Fuel for Fire

The horses always like hanging around when we're working nearby.
Now that we've had our first full winter in our big Indiana home, it has been decided that a wood burning stove would be a nice addition, not only to help save on the cost of heating the home but also for the warmth and nostalgia of sitting by a crackling fire. 
I love it when sisters help each other.
Since we have more than enough trees, it's just a matter of collecting, chopping and splitting the available wood.  It's hard to say how much fuel for fire we'll need but the girls have helped us start our collection beginning with the ash that decided to topple over last Halloween.
It has been hard, sweaty, bug-biting work but we're not usually the type to shirk labor that will benefit us and others.  Plus, it's been a great reminder of the wonderful friends and neighbors we have who've loaned us chainsaws and log splitters and sold us our well-used truck in the first place.
Though I hope cold weather is a long way off, we're preparing for it now and are glad for all the help we can get.

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