24 June 2014

You Forgot Something

Uh, Snickers? You forgot something!
After taking care of a few things outside, I walked to the back door when something caught my eye. I'd know that tuft of calico hair anywhere: Snicker's tail.  My heart skipped a beat, wondering if the fox who'd given us trouble last year had returned (she'd even tried snatching Snickers who smartly jumped onto a garbage can out of the wily fox's jaws). But before I could panic, up trotted Snickers like nothing had happened.  I grabbed her and gave her tail an examination.  Yep. Definitely hers. Oddly, she didn't seem to notice her tail was an inch shorter, so I didn't bother telling her (she'd probably only be self-conscious about it anyway).
I'm guessing she got it chopped off by the door but it's a mystery who did it.  None of the girls are strong enough to swing it closed and I think I would have noticed a yowling cat who'd had part of her body clipped off.

If only animals could speak, huh?  I'd have a lot of questions.

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