22 July 2014

Blue Egg

Trying to keep cool while finding a snack in the beans.
So, since we apparently have ALL roosters, I spoke with my neighbor who was nice enough to hunt down a couple of excess hens someone had. One, the girls already named Strawberry, is in kind of rough shape. Let's just say she was definitely at the bottom of the totem pole and thankfully, our roosters have left her alone after establishing their pecking order (of which, Strawberry is, again, definitely at the bottom). The other is a white girl like long ago Jelly Bean, who has aptly been named Snow.

Though I have yet to find a colorful egg from Strawberry (I hope she's just recovering and not an eggless mouth to feed), I've found a few beautiful blue eggs from Snow. They don't call those girls Easter Eggers for nothing.
Silly girl, hiding in the beans...
While rounding up the flock the other night, Snow was obviously missing. It's kind of hard to lose a pure white hen in a sea of green grass. We looked and looked . . .
A robin would be jealous of that color!
. . . and found her shading herself in the middle of the beans sitting on another beautiful egg.

Keep up the good work, Snow!

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